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Digital signs are your supplier of digital screens. We are a company that buys, sells and rents indoor and outdoor LED screens in all sizes. Whatever your needs, let us help you find the right monitor at the right price.

Our screens are suitable for many different situations and it is only the imagination that sets the limits. The screen can, among other things, be used as an information screen at entrances to e.g. trade fairs, hotels, companies, schools, hospitals, and much more. In addition to this, the screen can be used for everything imaginable in the office, such as a canteen, information boards for employees or an information board with important measuring points for the company, which the management can follow live.

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Why Choose Digital Signs?

4 good reasons, if we must say so ourselves

High quality products

All our products are tried and tested, to ensure you the best quality. This was done in collaboration with Europaz A/S.

Satisfied customers

Since our inception, we have been supplying monitors to many different satisfied customers, and we are happy to collect more.

Professional supplier

Together with our experienced and professional employees, we always abide by our agreements – An agreement is an agreement.

Your needs

We are based on your needs, but we are happy to contribute knowledge from previous assignments.

Assemble multiple monitors

The screen can be used as a single standing screen or combined with several, to get a larger screen.

Connection to the whole world

Via associated software, a more advanced setup can be used. The software makes it possible to control and design the specific content on the individual screen, by dividing the screen image. In addition, through this software, many and more screens can be controlled simultaneously, regardless of their location. All this requires is internet connection.